Services and Resources for our Returning OEF/OIF Veterans

State Benefits

This section lists the principal State veterans benefits. It is neither complete nor do the summaries of various laws purport to give full and accurate information, especially as they may affect a specific individual. For more information, consult a Veterans Service Officer (VSO) or refer to the law itself. References to the applicable General Statutes have been included for each topic listed.

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NC Governors Focus onclick Returning Combat Veterans and their Families
Services and Resources for our Returning OEF/OIF Veterans

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As a returning veteran, the "Returning Support for Veterans Program (RSVP)" is a one-stop location where veterans and their families can get all the information they need. Whether the concern is about military benefits, veteran's education, health services, or job or other issues, RSVP is for you.

You can access RSVP by calling the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services' CARE-LINE at 1-800-662-7030, (TDD/TTY 1-877-452-2514) 24 hours per day 7 days a week or by emailing

Our trained staff is available to assist you and your families as you reenter civilian life in North Carolina.