North Carolina Announces New Strategic Plan for Military Preparedness

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Raleigh, N.C.

The North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and the North Carolina Military Affairs Commission have unveiled the state’s new Strategic Plan for Supporting and Enhancing North Carolina Military Missions and Installations. The Strategic Plan builds on Governor Pat McCrory’s forward-leaning strategy to ensure North Carolina’s leadership in military preparedness for decades to come. The full report is available on the department’s website at:
Governor McCrory has led numerous successful initiatives to enhance the state’s military value including the recently approved Connect NC bond package, which will allocate $70 million to update the aging infrastructure at National Guard armories and future regional readiness centers.  He has also established buffer zones around bases, and implemented initiatives for military families to improve the quality of life for veterans, servicemembers and their families. 
North Carolina’s military community makes an enormous contribution to our country’s national security,” said Governor McCrory. “It is a crucial priority for me and for my administration to protect and support the significant military presence in our state, including the interests of the servicemen and women who call North Carolina home.”
“I look forward to supporting Governor McCrory’s efforts to strengthen North Carolina’s robust military community,” said General Cornell Wilson, Secretary of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. “I am grateful to have such dedicated partners in implementing our new Strategic Plan and commend this Administration, the North Carolina Military Affairs Commission, local community leaders, the General Assembly and our federal Congressional delegation for all their hard work in enhancing North Carolina’s military value.”
The Strategic Plan provides a framework for state, local governments, agencies and other stakeholders to work together to sustain and enhance the current military posture in the state while pursuing opportunities to expand the military missions and economic impact on North Carolina.  Military-related activities in North Carolina provide a $66 billion economic impact to the state, which represents the state’s second largest economic sector, making up nearly 15 percent of North Carolina’s gross state product. 
The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to ensure North Carolina is in an advantageous position as the Department of Defense adjusts to budget constraints.  The report outlines a four-pronged strategy to maximize the value of North Carolina’s unique military assets accomplish strategic objectives, which includes:

  • Support and Enhance North Carolina’s Military Installations and Mission
  • Increase the Economic Impact of the Military and Defense Industry in North Carolina;
  • Improve the quality of Life for Uniformed Servicemembers, Veterans and their families; and
  • Provide legislative and State Agency Coordination for Military-Related Issues

North Carolina is home to the fourth largest military presence in the country with six major installations, over 100 National Guard and Reserve facilities, over 100,000 Active and Reserve Component personnel, over 50 percent of all Special Operations Forces, and the largest military terminal in the country. North Carolina also offers various off installation areas that support joint military training, including bombing, training, and offshore water ranges, amphibious landing sites, and dedicated airspace.

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