IT Awareness & Hiring Event

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North Carolina’s Military Employment Solution



Did you know the average yearly salary of an IT worker
in North Carolina is $55K - $60K?

Check out what working in Information Technology is all about (hint.. it's not just coding) and participate in pre-matched interviews for open positions the next day! IT is the focus,
but job openings in other fields will be offered on Day 2 as well!





Day 1: IT Awareness Day

Learn more about working in IT! Sessions include an IT Career Opportunities Q&A, Training & Career Resources, Interview Tips & Resume Review to prepare for
Day 2, Job Connections, and
a networking Session.


Day 2: Hiring Event

Not a typical job fair! Sit face to face for interviews with hiring and HR managers who have open positions. Come prepared to share your experience and earn a place on some great corporate teams!




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Hosted by CISCO & METLIFE with NC4ME

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Together we will make North Carolina the #1 state for military employment.

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