Heroic Masks of Sculpey

Event Description

For millennia, masks have provided humanity with the means to express specific qualities of the human condition and its journey and passage through life. Deep Africa has its mesmerizing faces of the “witch” doctor; and today in the west, we have the captivating superheroes of Marvel and DC comics. In any form or time, the mask has met the status quo of humanity at the thresholds of endurance, courage, and hope, urging the member of cultural society into the great adventure of their calling destiny. Yet so often we lose sight that everyday life requires the heroic attributes of the hero. We fail to realize that we stand side by side of heroes of all kinds and that the greatest hero may be found in our own hearts; and that there are allies and magical assistance to be found upon the path of our journeys.

This class will provide instruction in creating an original hero’s mask made in sculpey, which is an oven baked polymer clay. This class will provide sculpey clay modeling techniques and an exploration in facial anatomy. Students will explore the creative territory of their imagination to call forth, out of their daily lives, the heroic faces of their world. Be it the qualities of a mentor, the charismatic Iron Man on the silver screen, or the obscure virtues that they find in themselves, the student will uncover the face of the hero which is reflected in their own being.

This 5-week class takes place on Monday nights 6:00pm-7:30pm: 2/12, 2/26, 3/5, 3/12, 3/19.

The cost includes supplies. $50 will be reimbursed to the student by a TJF scholarship at the completion of the class. *This class is for active duty service members and veterans only.

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