2018 Military Women's Health Symposium for Providers - Asheville

Event Description

Women comprise about 15% of the US Armed Forces and serve in ever expanding roles. In 2016, there were an estimated 1,853,690 female veterans from all branches of military service. 

This conference will address the healthcare needs of women in the military, including the state of women’s health in the military, sexual trauma, suicide, depression, transgender issues and more. The purpose of this conference is to support the well-being of women who serve by updating military, Veteran’s Administration, and community health care providers regarding the work-up and management of health conditions common among military women. 

Target Audience

Physicians, advanced practitioners, and members of healthcare teams serving women veterans in VA and community healthcare settings.
Interested veterans are welcome to attend at a special rate.


  • Discuss research and data regarding the state of women Veterans' health
  • Describe 3 ways to become a more trans-affirming healthcare provider
  • Identify current resources and guidelines for evidence-based care for transgender patients
  • Identify risk factor considerations regarding suicide specific to female Veterans
  • Discuss and apply suicide prevention strategies and resources for female Veterans
  • Recognize the ways in which a history of sexual trauma affects physical health and symptoms
  • Apply simple ways in which medical providers and staff can provide a safer environment for sexual trauma survivors that enhances patient care

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