NCMAC Community Grant Application

1.  Background

a. The Military Presence Stabilization Fund (The Fund) is established as a special fund in the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA).  Monies shall be used to fund actions designed to make the State less vulnerable to closure pursuant to federal Base Realignment and Closure and related initiatives.  The North Carolina Military Affairs Commission (NCMAC) shall approve the use of The Fund for this purpose.  In addition, the NCMAC is authorized to use up to $225,000 of the funds allocated from The Fund to provide grants to local communities or military installations.  The authorized amount of $225,000 is the combined total for all grants that could be awarded. 


b.  NCMAC Goals:

  • Support and enhance North Carolina’s existing military installations and missions.
  • Increase the economic impact of the military and defense industry in North Carolina.
  • Improve the quality of life for Uniformed Service members, Veterans, and their families.
  • Provide legislative and state agency coordination for military-related issues.

2.  Purpose of Community Grant Program:

To fund grants to local communities and military installations for projects designed to strengthen the State’s posture when the Department of Defense (DoD) reviews.  Projects can be leveraged to promote, preserve, or enhance military missions and installations in North Carolina.  The NCMAC strives to support locally-driven initiatives that support the NCMAC’s goals and build on regional and State assets to spur a thriving and prosperous military presence within North Carolina.

3.  Criteria for selection:

a.  Applicants must be a military installation, local community government, or a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that can demonstrate a direct and ongoing relationship to a military installation and/or local community government and that relationship must fulfill the primary purpose of the Community Grant Program.

b.  The NCMAC shall only consider initiatives that directly support, sustain, protect, and enhance North Carolina’s military communities or installations.

c.  Projects must improve the military compatible value of the installation or the local communities’ ability to support the military installation, personnel and then families.

d.  Projects must have a clearly defined, measurable outcome in support of the NCMAC mission and goals.