NC African American Veterans Lineage Day Black History Program






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February 4, 2020

Contact; Angella Dunston

Phone: 984-204-8336



NCDMVA Announces NC African American Veterans Lineage Day

Black History Program

Raleigh — The NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (NCDMVA) will celebrate the 2nd North Carolina African American Lineage Day in commemoration of the many contributions of African Americans in the U.S. military for Black History Month.  Part of an ongoing collaboration with the NC Museum of History, NCDMVA will produce a documentary to honor and salute African American service members who broke color barriers when the U.S. military was segregated.  The film will highlight the Montford Point Marines, World War II veteran Elizabeth Barker-Johnson, and retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and civil rights leader Joseph Holt, Jr.  Additionally, posthumous awards will be presented to the United States Colored Troops, World War II Staff Sergeant Millie Dunn Veasey, and a former slave, Private Luke Martin of the First NC Colored Infantry.

The program will also celebrate three modern day civil rights leaders and veterans for their dedication to our state: Congressman G.K. Butterfield, Senator Mickey Michaux and Representative Nasif Majeed. All three served their country and had tremendous impact on the U.S. Armed Forces and the State of North Carolina and went on to become strong advocates for African Americans as elected officials in North Carolina’s history.


The event and awards ceremony will take place on February 13th, from 12PM to 2PM, in Raleigh at the North Carolina Museum of History. Following the ceremony, there will be a meet and greet reception, where light refreshments will be available.

NCDMVA Secretary Larry Hall stated, “The NCDMVA is honored to begin this tradition of recognizing those who fought for our freedoms as Americans, even before those same freedoms were afforded to them.  The State of North Carolina is proud of these service members, and we will keep striving to carry on their legacy through this annual celebration of their valor and courage.”

The event showcases the significant role that African Americans played in our nation’s history and highlights the importance of African Americans in the U.S. military.

For more information about the event contact Ariel Aponte, Inter-Agency Coordinator or 984.204.8333.

To learn more about the NC Department of Military And Veterans Affairs (NCDMVA), contact Angella Dunston, Director of Communications or 984.204.8336.