Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Governor McCrory Signs Bill That Allows Armed Security at Guard Recruiting Offices

Raleigh, N.C.
Aug 18, 2015

Governor Pat McCrory signed House Bill 371 which will allow designated members of the National Guard to carry concealed weapons in public facilities such as recruiting centers and armories.
“We must fulfill our obligation to protect those who protect us,” Governor McCrory said. “This law will give the National Guard the tools they need to keep themselves, and the public, safe.”
The law is in response to Governor McCrory’s call for more protection for Guard personnel in the aftermath of the Chattanooga shootings in July. During that rampage, a lone gunman shot and killed four unarmed U.S. Marines and one Navy sailor during attacks on a recruiting office and a Naval Operations Support Center.  
The day after the Chattanooga shooting, Governor McCrory instructed Adjutant General Gregory A. Lusk to station military police at some of the most public National Guard recruiting offices, which are located strip malls.
Under HB 371, General Lusk can now designate National Guard members, who have a concealed weapon carry permit, to carry concealed weapons while on duty in state buildings like recruiting offices and armories.
Additionally, HB 371 provides North Carolina citizens legal remedies should they be victims of a terrorist attack or harmed from someone who materially supports terrorism. The new law allows a victim to sue for perpetrators for up to three times the amount of actual damages or $50,000 whichever is greater.