Governor’s Working Group


In 2006, an intra-governmental Working Group was established, focusing on health and wellness, job creation, workforce enrichment, legal and financial services, and benefits for Veterans. Over the years, this coalition has evolved into a referral and collaboration network that gets Veterans and their families the services and supports that they need and reduces red tape.­­  Governor Cooper is supportive of the initiatives undertaken by the Working Group.


The North Carolina Governor’s Working Group [NCGWG] is charged with facilitating collaboration and coordination among ALL Federal, state and local agency partners that touch a veteran’s life in the state of North Carolina. In short, the “Working Group” is making government work for our vets.

Working Group Chair & Vice Chairs

LtGen Walter Gaskin
Secretary, N.C. Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

Deefa Avola
Vice Chair
Assistant Director, Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities,
and Substance Abuse Services, Consumer Policy and Engagement

Mark Edmonds, Vice Chair
USA, Retired, Chief Operating Officer, Workforce Solutions, North Carolina
Department of Commerce

Mark Bilosz
Vice Chair
Director, Veterans Benefits Administration, Winston-Salem Regional Office
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Paul Crews
Network Director of Department of Veterans Affairs Mid-Atlantic Health Care
Network (VISN 6)

Terry Westbrook
Vice Chair
USA (Retired), Assistant Secretary For Veterans Affairs, NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs

For more information on the North Carolina Governors Working Group please visit here