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North Carolina State Approving Agency

The North Carolina State Approving Agency (NC SAA) for Veterans and Military Education is an independent state agency funded by a federal contract and affiliated with the North Carolina Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (NCDMVA) acting as Trustee. The Agency reports to the Legislative Liaison, Office of the Secretary, NCDMVA. The Agency was established in 1947 by statute to ensure quality instruction, appropriate administration, and a fair and equitable practice for every veteran and eligible person, who enters a NC SAA approved educational program. We approve educational courses and programs at over 450 educational institutions and branch campuses, so individuals can use their GI Bill educational benefits at those institutions. With the advent of the Forever GI Bill, these numbers are increasing more rapidly than at any time since the end of the Korean War.

NC SAA Mission

NC SAA is guided by the mission to provide quality instruction, appropriate administration, and fair and equitable practices for every veteran (and every eligible person) who enters an NC SAA approved educational program.


In pursuit of its mission, NC SAA undertakes three key responsibilities:

  • Approval of educational courses and programs available to veterans and eligible persons
  • Supervision of educational institutions for compliance with federal and state guidelines
  • Assurance that these processes preserve both the interests and prerogatives of the state


To ensure that veterans pursue high quality courses and programs, NC SAA submits educational courses and programs to a rigorous approval process. The agency:

  • Evaluates educational programs for approval
  • Provides written evaluations and approvals to Division of Veterans Affairs and the institutions

Inspections and Supervisions

To ensure that approved courses and programs maintain a high standard of quality, NC SAA:

  • Program specialists visit and inspect each active educational institutional routinely
  • Confirms compliance for approved courses and programs

Reports and Records

As part of its work to ensure thorough and systematic oversight of North Carolina’s educational programs and courses, NC SAA:

  • Provides written reports to DVA and to the institutions (Approval-Visit-Compliance reports, others as requested)
  • Maintains records and files for the state of North Carolina

Administration, Outreach and Liaison

NC SAA facilitates productive, collaborative relationships between the NCDMVA and state agencies by:

  • Providing administrative support for the North Carolina Department of Military and Veteran Affairs (NCDMVA), the state.
  • Simultaneously providing outreach and liaison both within the state and nationally to NCDMVA, the North Carolina Community College System, North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities, NC Congressional Delegation, and the National Association of State Approving Agencies (NASAA).
  • Providing annual training to new and approved institutions, and provide outreach and education to interested colleges, universities, and vocational/technical schools.

Other Resources

Contact Us

Currently approved institutions, Contact us for general correspondence.

New institutions, Contact us to inquire on how to become an approved institution with our agency.

Timothy D. Freeman Executive Director | 984-220-5271 
Cassandra Mangrich-Smith  Office Manager | 984-202-6673 
Isaac N. Smith Program Specialist | 984-220-4023 
Felicia K. Robinson Program Specialist | 919-604-2738 
Olivia Mudd Program Specialist | 984-500-6548 
Christopher Cheek Program Specialist | 919-907-8806


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