Military and Veteran License Plates

To obtain certification of Section 3 on the MVR-33A application for military/veteran’s license plates the Division of Veterans Affairs requires applicants to submit a copy of their DD-214 and if applicable a VA Rating letter.

No other documentation will be accepted, with the exception of a DD-1300 for the Gold Star Lapel Button plate, and certain documents for Active Duty Service Members who have not received a previous discharge. See the FAQ Section below for more information. 

Only a NC Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) Accredited Service Officer (County or State) may certify this section in accordance with N.C.G.S § 20-79.4, and all applicable regulations of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs.

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Veteran Plate Application Guidance


Frequently Asked Questions

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For Service Branch Plates

(Army, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard Veteran)

Submit a copy of your DD-214 #4 that meets the following requirements:

  • Honorable/under honorable conditions discharge AND ONE of the following service requirements
    • Two years of Active Duty Service for those who enlisted after September 9th 1980 OR
    • 180 Days of peace time active duty service if enlisted prior to September 9th 1980 OR
    • 90 days of war time service if enlisted prior to September 9th 1980
*National Guard/Reservist must have been activated Federally (Title 10 Orders) and completed their full term of service, a DD-214 would be issued for those activated. NGB22s Do not satisfy the requirement. 

** The discharge requirement is not waivable for Active Duty Service Members who do not have a previous discharge. Active Duty Service members while not eligible for their service branch plates may receive a military citation plate. 

For Military Citation Plates

Veterans: Submit a copy of your DD-214 #4 showing 

  • Honorable/under honorable conditions discharge, AND
    • the Campaign, Service, or Award to agree with license plate. 

* For Vietnam Era Plate DD-214 must show either Vietnam Campaign Medal or Service Medal (VCM/VSM) indicating in-country/boots on ground service. 

** For Gold Star Lapel Button Plate please provide DD-1300 Report of Casualty that show that you are the next of kin to a service a member who died in World War I and World War II and subsequent armed hostilities in which the Armed Forces of the United States has been engaged. The gold star lapel pin is reserved for KIA families. (Act of Congress, Public Law 80-306, in August 1947)

For Active Duty Services Members Only: 

Provide a copy of the recommendation of award or a copy of a recently dated service record such as the Navy’s - ESR, Army's AMHRR/OMPF Records showing the award as well as Name on the same page, please provide SSN in lieu of VA file number on the MVR-33A.  

For Disabled Veteran & Partially Disabled Veteran Plates

Provide a copy of your VA Rating Letter or Summary of Benefits letter showing combined rating.

  • This letter cannot be more than one year old, and must include a date. The veteran/owner’s name must be on the same page as the combined rating. 

The Disabled Veterans License Plate is reserved for those who have a combined rating of 100% or receive Individual Unemployability (I.U.) and are paid at the 100% rate.

All other ratings will receive a partially disabled veteran certification.

DD-214 #4

To get a copy of your discharge paperwork, visit the National Archives Web Portal to request your military service records. 

You may also submit the Request for Service Records Form (SF-180) via mail or max. Print Here.

If you need in person assistance with the process please visit your local veterans service office.

Service Members who were discharged after the year 2000 can go to their local veterans service office for them to submit a request to the DPRIS System. If DPRIS is able to furnish the request the Veterans Service Office will provide you a copy in person. You must provide them with photo identification to retrieve the paper work. 

VA Rating or Summary of Benefits Letter

  • Your Local Veterans Service Office if listed on your claim they will be able to verify your eligibility in person and certify the MVR33-A at the same time. 


This application can be certified locally at either your County Veterans Service Office or a State Veterans Service Center. Click below to see our list of service officers from the NCDMVA Resource Guide.

Services By County


*NC Works Career Centers cannot certify the application, only Veterans Service Offices

Yes, at this time with each separate mailing or submission to a NCDVA Office you should include a copy of the supporting documentation for license plate you are requesting.


If you submitting a request for multiple vehicles at the same time, you only need to include one copy of supporting documents. You will need an individual MVR33-A form for each vehicle.

No. A photocopy of your supporting documentation is acceptable. We encourage you to maintain ordinals at all times in a safe and secure manner, and not to mail them. 

We do not require certified copies of documentation, just that they are clear and legible. 

* Please be aware, you are allowed four spaces for a personalized message, this is incurs a yearly personalization fee irrespective of the plate chosen. 

** The Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and NCDVA Accreddited Offices do not accept payments for plates. All fees will be paid to your license plate office. Do NOT send cash, checks or money orders with your application.

In recognition to the great cost Veterans have born for our Nation, the following License Plates are free, and the license plate fee waived. 

  • Bronze Star with Combat (V Device)
  • Congressional Medal Of Honor Recipients
  • Disabled Veterans
  • Distinguished Service Cross
  • Ex-Prisoner of War
  • Legion of Valor
  • Silver Star Disabled Veteran
  • Silver Star Recipients. 

As a benefit to Military and Veteran Community of the State of North Carolina, the following Military and Veteran License Plates are available at no additional cost than the regular license plate. 

  • Afghanistan Veteran
  • Air Medal Recipient
  • Bronze Star Recipient
  • Desert Storm Veteran
  • Gold Star Lapel Button
  • Iraq Veteran
  • Korean Conflict
  • Legion of Merit
  • Partially Disabled Veteran
  • Pearl Harbor Survivor
  • Purple Heart Recipient
  • Purple Heart Recipient Motorcycle
  • Silver Star Disabled Veteran
  • Silver Star Recipient
  • US Military Air Force Veteran
  • US Military Army Veteran
  • US Military Coast Guard Veteran
  • US Military Marine Veteran
  • US Military Navy Veteran
  • Vietnam Era
  • War on Terror
  • World War II Veteran

* The Distinguished Flying Cross has a $10 Fee.

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If your current legal name/vehicle owner name is different than the one you served under please include a copy of the documentation changing your legal name. 

The Military Retired License Plates do not require certification from our department. 

Your plate office can certify the form with a copy of your Military Retired ID. 

MVR-27RT Application

​The N.C. Division of Motor Vehicles offers current and retired personnel of the U.S. Armed Forces convenient options for renewing vehicle registrations, driver licenses as well as active-duty military and veteran designations.


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