Veterans Property Tax Relief

To qualify for the disabled veteran homestead property tax relief under North Carolina law a person must meet the following criteria:

The property owner must be a veteran of any branch of the US Armed Forces with an honorable discharge AND

  • The property owner must have a permanent & total service connected disability of 100% OR
  • Rated Permanently Individually Unemployable by the US Department of Veteran Affairs OR
  • The property owner must be in receipt of Dependents Indemnity Compensation (Survivors Pension) as a surviving spouse.

The disabled veteran homestead exemption is the first $45,000 of your assessed real property value. Co-owners who are not spouses and who are individually eligible for the benefit will receive no more than the first $45,000 of the assessed real property.  $45,000 is the maximun allowed exclusion for property tax releif N.C.G.A 105.277.1C.

1. Complete Sections 1 and 2 of the NCDVA-9 Form.

2. Mail or Fax Certification to:

State Service Office
251 North Main Street, Room 190
Winston-Salem, NC 27155

Fax: (336) 631-5028

3. Once certified by the Veterans Benefit Administration the form will be returned to your primary residence. You will then submit the NCDVA-9 to your local county tax office.


The deadline to submit your documents to your county tax office is June 1st of the current tax year. It is recommended that you submit your application to the State Service Center well in advance of this date to allow time for the certification process.