Goal 1. Protect North Carolina’s existing military installations and missions

Use the Commission’s membership, resources and partners to develop recommendations to advise the Governor on ways to protect North Carolina’s military installations, infrastructure, training ranges and low level routes from encroachment or other initiatives that could degrade the military mission. Involve Commission members, both voting and ex-officio, working with community leaders, installation commanders, state and federal agencies, land use and environmental groups, developers and other partners to identify potential threats or problems and assist with resolving them before they encroach on installations or adversely affect military training and other missions.

Goal 2. Expand defense related economic development in North Carolina

Provide assistance, support and recommendations to the N.C. Secretary of Commerce that identify and support economic development opportunities that focus on leveraging the military, help create jobs and expand defense and homeland security related economic growth opportunities in North Carolina.

Goal 3. Improve quality of life for military members and families

Promote mutual understanding and support between military members on installations and adjacent communities and encourage joint planning, cooperation and sharing of services. Seek to improve the quality of life for military members and their families, retirees, and veterans who live in North Carolina by identifying and supporting initiatives, programs and legislation that protect and enhance military programs and benefits.

Goal 4. Provide legislative and state agency coordination for military related issues

Clarify and strengthen the ability of the General Assembly and State Agencies to carry out their functions and to write legislation appropriate to support the objectives of the State to as declared in this document. Coordinate and leverage efforts among military installations, state agencies, military interest groups and others to take appropriate actions at the state level to promote base sustainability, economic development and quality of life.

Goal 5: Lead the state’s efforts to prepare for the next base realignment and closure (BRAC) process

Coordinate community, regional and state efforts in preparation for the next BRAC and define a process that communities should follow to prepare for the next BRAC.